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5 Reasons Physical Therapy Is Recommended to Improve Back Pain

If you have ever experienced back pain, you know how overwhelming it can be. Back pain can limit your ability to move around and do routine tasks in your life. When you have chronic back pain, it’s important to treat it effectively. Physical therapy can be the first line of treatment for chronic back issues. Learn how physical therapy could benefit you.

How To Strengthen Your Back Muscles

One of the top goals of physical therapy is to strengthen the muscles of the targeted area. Physical therapists work with patients to improve strength and build up muscle in the back. When you search for physical therapy near me, a provider may have you work with weights, exercise machines or resistance bands to build up your back muscle strength.

Tips for Regaining Motion and Flexibility

Another big component of physical therapy is regaining the range of motion. Therapists work with patients to develop a stretching and recovery routine that expands a person’s mobility. They may also use massage techniques to increase flexibility. Here are five reasons physical therapy in Murrieta is recommended to improve back pain.

1. Improve Stability

Physical therapy for your back helps improve stability. Your back and spine are the core of your body and help with posture and your overall stability. Physical therapy exercises and stretches can improve your outcome with back pain if your stability increases. Therapists work with patients to increase stability with specific exercises, such as planks, crunches and bridges.

2. Relax Muscle Tension

Back exercises may also help release muscle tension. Some patients have back pain as a result of tightened muscles in the spine. Specific stretches and massage techniques may help release this tension and reduce pain. Stretches that help with this include the child’s pose, pelvic tilts and the seated spinal twist.

3. Lower the Risk of More Injury

The more time you spend building up your strength in the back, the more you lower your risk of re-injuring yourself. Weak back muscles, especially those that are injured, are more likely to become injured again. To protect your body from additional damage, you need to work with a skilled physical therapy Vista CA provider and listen to the signals from your body.

4. Lessen the Chance of Surgery

Physical therapy can also be a much-welcomed alternative to invasive back surgery. In the past, doctors sometimes went right to intense back surgeries to solve chronic back pain. For some patients, surgeries often led to more complications and more pain. Today, physical therapy is recommended before turning to drastic measures like surgery.

5. Reduce Daily Pain

The final benefit of physical therapy for the back is to reduce pain. Chronic back pain can be devastating to someone’s life. It makes simple tasks more difficult and can be challenging for the spirit. Physical therapy helps give a patient a way to manage their pain without turning to powerful prescription painkillers.

Back pain can be managed effectively with physical therapy and other treatments. Patients can help lower their pain, strengthen their core and improve their treatment outcomes by incorporating physical therapy into their plan.

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