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A Breakdown of My First Cosmetic Surgery Appointment

Cosmetic surgery can help to improve your physical appearance. A surgical procedure requires careful consideration and a consultation. Before the procedure, you need to understand the process and discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider. Here is a breakdown of what to expect when you attend your first appointment:

Introductions and Medical History

You will discuss your medical history with the provider at your first cosmetic surgery appointment. Provide accurate information for treatment to be effective and safe. Discuss your past illnesses, medications, allergies, other sensitivities, and lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, or exercise. 

The cosmetic surgeon may also inquire about genetic diseases.  A medical history can also include an assessment of family members who have had specific illnesses or conditions that may be genetic. This information will help the doctor better understand your overall health and anything they need to watch out for during an examination and care plan. 

Discussion of Aesthetic Goals

When discussing aesthetic goals with your physician, be open and honest about the changes you want. Give clear descriptions of what you hope to achieve, as this will help the doctor create a plan that meets your cosmetic needs. Maintain realistic expectations when considering cosmetic surgery procedures.

The discussion allows you to establish goals and allows the plastic surgeon to give professional guidance aligning with your desired expectations. The physician may recommend follow-up visits, lifestyle changes, and skincare products to help you maintain your results.

Physical Examination

During the physical examination, your doctor may evaluate your symptoms and examine you visually. Your doctor can assess your external features, such as skin color, texture, and movement, and check for signs of infection or injury.

They will also ask questions about previous surgeries, lifestyle habits, and any allergies to medications. The doctor may also use specialized instruments to examine your internal organs fully.

The examination might include checking for signs of disease, infection, or injury in the lungs, heart, kidneys, and other major organs.

Treatment Options

You may discuss the available treatment options for your medical issue with a doctor. Treatments may include facial treatments, breast enhancements or reductions, body sculpting, and skin care. The doctor discusses all available options to help you determine a suitable course of action.

They can help answer any questions or address any concerns so that you feel comfortable and confident.  Your provider will guide you through every step of the cosmetic procedure.

Pre-operative Instructions

Before your next appointment or surgery, carefully review all the pre-operative instructions provided by your doctor. Pre-operative instructions during the appointment help reduce the risk of complications or delays during the procedure. Some common pre-operative instructions may include: 

  • Restriction of certain food or beverages before surgery 
  • Avoiding aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) before the procedure
  • Stopping smoking 
  • Following any dietary restrictions as prescribed by your doctor 
  • Conducting laboratory tests and obtaining medical clearances if necessary

You’re expected to adhere to these instructions during the days and weeks leading up to your surgery. Failing to do so may delay or even cancel the procedure.

Before going under general anesthesia, you may be asked to sign a consent form confirming your understanding of all the risks associated with the operation.

Your medical provider will provide the latest and safest health care information. After reviewing all the pre-operative instructions, you are ready to proceed with cosmetic surgery.  

Tailored-treatment Plan

The appropriate treatments for you will depend on your age, overall health status, allergies, and other conditions. Your doctor may ask you to undergo certain tests or laboratory work to determine which treatments suit you. 

Your doctor will then discuss the treatment options and decide on the best plan. This may include medications, referrals to medical specialists if necessary, or other treatments your doctor considers appropriate. The physician will recommend a tailored treatment plan for your unique needs and cosmetic goals. 

Visit a Cosmetic Surgery Provider Today

Cosmetic surgery has the potential to enhance or change your physical appearance. The cosmetic surgery journey begins with a consultation appointment, where you discuss goals, treatment options, and any necessary pre-operative instructions with your doctor. Take the first step today towards enhancing your appearance. Schedule a consultation appointment to understand the treatment options that suit your needs. 

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