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All You Need To Know About Cox Internet And Customer Support Service


Cox is one of the largest internet service providers in the United States. The service provider has a family of more than 6.6 million and currently operates in 19 states including Virginia and Florida. If someone talks about a better internet, I suggest one of the best in town and that is Cox Internet.

Cox Internet has introduced different packages for the users so that they can have maximum advantage and the choice should be on the users depending upon the needs of their house.

Cox has one of the coolest customer service in the town but that we will discuss later in the article. How about we jump into the Cox Internet and analyze what makes Cox better?

Why Cox internet and not others?

Cox, has been the 3rd largest broadband network, but what makes them better than the others is, the quality and the speed of their internet never gets compromised. How about I list you down some of the major factors that makes Cox superior than the other networks?


Only thing a user would ask at very first place is nothing but the speed. As I mentioned above that Cox has never compromised on the speed, they give their users the best experience and give them somehow close to what they choose from the package.

30 days money back

A policy that can make you feel secure because you are trusting a broadband network and because you as a user needs surety, then don’t worry because every single penny is kept safe with Cox for good 30 days.

Various Package

Not denying the fact that there are many other internet service providers who are currently providing variety of packages but if you want what you ask, then Cox should be your go to thing because of the trust they have among the users.

Cox Internet Plans

Cox Internet comes with 5 different plans to make it easy for the users.

Go Fast

The standard package or “Go Fast” is the standard package offered by Cox. It allows users to access up to 100mbps download, so if you are a light user who just want to browse or if you want to use social media, then this package is perfect for you and your house and it starts with $49.99.

Go Faster

The second tier is for those users who love watching movies in HD, the package fits your requirement because it allows you have a download speed of about 250mbps, starting with $69.99.

Go Even Faster

This package allows user to have more and more because in this package downloading games wouldn’t be a bad option as it allows you about 500mbps download speed.

Super Fast

If you are not a heavy user, I would suggest you should skip this package because this package is nothing but a monster for those who love playing games and that too without any lag because it gives the users up to 1gbps download speed.

Beyond Fast

Beyond Fast is still not available in many areas but if you are lucky enough to have coverage and want to play latest high graphics game, then the package is a fit for you too.

Apart from Speed and Variety of bundles being offered by Cox, there is one more thing that needs to be highlighted and that is the Customer Support Service.

Customer Support System by Cox

Cox has always led market from the front. There are no doubts left that they have proved to be one of the best all rounders in the market to provide 4 major services to the consumers like Cox Internet, Cox Homelife Security, Cox Phone and Cox Contour TV.

Apart from the services they offer, one of the best service is their Customer Support System, the service is literally one of the best in town because for the users, they are 24/7 available so that the consumers should not have any hassle, even if you are installing Cox TV on your own and you are stuck somewhere, you can call their helpline number and get help.


There are thousands of options available for you as a user but in this guide, I tried to explain why Cox has an edge over other network providers. In terms of reliability, Cox has always been a step ahead than others. It totally depends on the user what would they prefer.

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