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Eight Practical Tips to Choose the Best Book Cover Designer

The importance of the first impression of a thing or a person cannot be contested. Although the first impression may not always be the last, all can agree that it does make a significant impact on the viewer.

When it comes to books, the first impression is often associated with the book cover. It is the first thing a potential reader sees about a book. Your book cover can be your opportunity to make or break your reputation for your target audience. Of course, you need the best professional by your side.

Here are some of the most effective tips you need to hire the best book cover designer for your needs.

View their Portfolio

One of the first things you want to do while considering a book cover designer is to view their portfolio. A portfolio is the super summary of a professional’s education, skills, and work samples. It tells you all you need to know to determine they are the one you are looking for.

Among several things you can view on an artist’s portfolio, their style is the most important thing. It is important to see if the style of the artist you are considering matches your vision.

You do not want to consider anyone whose style goes against yours because such differences can cause clashes later in the professional relationship.

Inquire About Experience

Book cover designing is a career in which experience matters a lot. The more experienced an artist is, the more effectively they can help you achieve your vision. You can ask the artist you are considering to share their work samples and tell you about their years of experience.

You do not have to believe everything that they say about themselves. However, their work samples should be enough to tell you if they are over-stating their experience. These samples can help you assess their potential and make your decision when you want to hire a book cover designer in the UK or USA.

Read Reviews and Ratings

In this technology-driven world, one of the first things everyone does before hiring a service or purchasing a product is to rush online and read their reviews. Of course, it is wise to make decisions based on the reviews of someone who has already hired a service.

Reviews and ratings must also be read when you are considering hiring a book cover designer in the UK or anywhere else in the world. These ratings can tell you all you need to know about their previous clients and help you gauge their reputation. If a majority of their clients in the past were satisfied with their services, you will likely also have a safe journey ahead.

Ensure Good Communication

Good communication is key to successful professional relationships. A lack of communication skills at either end can cause major problems. Therefore, this aspect must be examined and figured out as early as possible to help you make your decision.

You can arrange an in-person or virtual meeting with the aspiring book cover designer to assess their communication skills. See what they bring to the table and how well they communicate their point of view, and listen to what you have to say.

Remember that communication is a two-way process. Both parties involved must put their best effort into stating their point of view and listening when the next person is talking.

Inquire About the Process

Another important thing to do is to inquire about the book designer that you are considering about their process. You need to know what responsibilities lie and your end and what you can hold the next person accountable for.

In addition to asking them about their process, the other important thing to consider is the time they need for this process. Of course, you do not want to rush a book cover designer at the last hour. Hence, discussing these things beforehand is always a good idea.

Discuss Your Budget

Every book cover designer has varying costs for their services depending on their demand, skill, experience, and so many more factors. You must consider your budget for a book cover designer to help you make the best choice by narrowing down your options.

You must be transparent about your budget. It can help you make the right decision and explore the best options within your budget instead of wasting your time on book cover designers who may charge more than your budget allows.

Ask About Revision

How many revisions a book cover designer provides can vary from one professional to another. While some may let you access multiple revisions without nagging, others may decline your request without hesitation.

You should not leave such an important detail to chance. Instead, you can ask the book cover designer you are considering regarding how many revisions they can provide. If you find a satisfactory answer, you can hire them without hesitation. 

However, do not let this commitment be only verbal. Instead, make sure to add details about the number of revisions to your contract with the book cover designer.

 Clarify the Rights

Many authors and book cover designers face legal clashes every year over the rights to the artwork. The authors want it to be their intellectual property, and the designers want it to be added to their portfolio. While both professionals have a valid reason to want ownership of this work, it is better to clarify these terms before you start working.

You must clarify who will own the rights to the design once it’s completed. Once you have discussed the rights, make sure to add this section to the legal contract as well so that this agreement cannot be contested later.

Ask for Recommendations

As someone looking for a book cover designer, you are likely to have already met other professionals, such as editors, beta readers, and literary agents in the field. These professionals are not only reliable in their field of expertise but can also help you through recommendations.

You can seek recommendations from authors or publishers for trusted designers. This way, you may come across many reliable options but remember always to trust a designer you feel comfortable and confident working with.

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