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UniFab Video Enlarger AI Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Content creators give their blood and sweat to create rich, information-worthy content, but a poor resolution may drift their audience away.

They can instead use upscaling software, along with AI video editing tools, to create high-quality and impressive videos in less time. Before you set out to search for such effective software, UniFab Video Enlarger AI is here to help you revolutionize your videos.

We have discussed a comprehensive UniFab Video Enlarger AI review to familiarize you with its features and functions. You will know how its AI technology will help you save time and quickly generate quality content.

What is Video Upscaling and Quality Enhancement, and Why Does it Matter?

Decades back, standard definition was the norm for any video. However, with time and technological advances, many resolutions like 1080p full HD and 4K/8K Ultra HD have evolved and are in trend nowadays. Even 4K Ultra High Definition devices are common these days and perfect for the souls who prefer entertainment on their terms and comfort.

Unfortunately, these high-resolution devices are not suited to view your favorite classic TV shows in SD quality. Even if you play low-resolution movies and shows, the content will either appear blurry and distorted or appear stretched on your 4K UHD monitor.

That is why upscaling matters – as it helps improve and upscale the resolution of an image or video significantly. While most modern devices have built-in upscaler technology, if not, you can also opt for dedicated software designed for upscaling and enhancing video clarity. Furthermore, upscaling media is now easy due to the inception of AI in such tools.

What Is UniFab Video Enlarger AI

UniFab Video Enlarger AI is a versatile software that employs AI technology to enlarge and upscale your video resolution to 720p HD, 1080p full HD, and even up to 4K Ultra HD, improving the clarity and quality of all kinds of videos.

The software has trained AI models and deep learning algorithms that can easily recognize and analyze video content to produce more true-to-life and realistic visual effects.

UniFab Video Enlarger AI can easily enlarge videos up to two times based on the original resolution. The program can deliver impressive results for multiple types of videos like black-and-white videos, low-resolution TV shows, homemade videos, and animations. Moreover, it has built-in support for video editing to help you crop and trim the videos and customize the sound effects.

UniFab Video Enlarger AI Review: Pros and Cons

UniFab Video Enlarger AI review must include a comprehensive comparison between the benefits and limitations of the tool to help you understand the software better and use it accordingly.

● Enhances video clarity and quality using its trained AI models● Enlarges video resolution up to 4K Ultra HD● Delivers impressive results across all old and classic videos, movies, and TV shows● Supports basic video editing to meet your personalized demands● Works only on Windows PC● Requires high demand for your device hardware

How to Use UniFab Video Enlarger AI

UniFab Video Enlarger AI has a simple and clean interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners without any prior technical knowledge. It takes only three steps to get through your video and bring out the finest details.

Step 1: Download and launch UniFab

Go to UniFab’s official website and install UniFab Video Enlarger AI. Click UniFab twice and click the Enlarger mode in the left pane.

Step 2: Input your source video

Select and add the video to enlarge in the local file. Then, set the video’s output parameters, such as quality, resolution, frame rate, audio, codec, etc., according to your preference.

Step 3: Begin your video enlargement process

Go to the Start button at the bottom right corner, click to enlarge the video, and edit the file. UniFab Video Enlarger AI will complete the editing process at a terrific speed.

Does AI Enlarging Videos to 1080p/4K Really Work?

Traditional upscaling methods have limitations as they use pixel duplication or bicubic interpolation, resulting in distorted or blurry images and giving the videos an unnatural look.

On the other hand, AI upscaling uses machine learning models and employs complex algorithms to analyze low-resolution videos automatically. It compares each video frame to multiple high-quality videos and recognizes missing pixels to fill them on its own, generating a high-resolution output.

AI video upscaling uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to analyze the video content in less time. It is cost-effective, reduces image noise and artifacts, and is a versatile solution for many businesses and content creators.


Q1. Is UniFab Video Enlarger AI safe and legal?

UniFab Video Enlarger AI is 100% clean, safe, and legal software that gives over 50 annual updates to stay at par with industry standards and give users a seamless video-enlarging experience.

Q2. Is UniFab Video Enlarger AI free?

UniFab Video Enlarger AI has a try-before-you-buy policy with  3  free trial videos to be enlarged so that you can grab hold of the program’s functionality. After that, users can purchase the program with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Q3. What is the relationship between UniFab Video Enlarger AI and DVDFab Enlagrer AI?

DVDFab Enlarger AI is the previous version of UniFab Video Enlarger AI. In other words, the DVDFab AI product lines have been upgraded into UniFab Video Enlarger AI since Oct.2023. The adopted tech and enhancing model of UniFab is much better than the old one in DVDFab.

If you are a previous DVDFab Enlarger AI member, you can access UniFab Video Enlarger AI for free.


We hope we have justified the UniFab Video Enlarger AI review by showcasing all the elements that can help you make a well-informed judgment. You can try UniFab Video Enlarger AI today to get your hands on its functioning and test if it improves and enhances your video clarity to meet your needs. 

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