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WCS to Minimize Waste and Keep the Quality of Perishable Goods Extra High

Imagine you’re trying to keep a bunch of ice creams from melting on a hot summer day. You’d need to move them quickly from the freezer to your friends waiting outside, right? That’s kind of what happens in warehouses, where tons of food and beverages – generally speaking, perishable goods – need to be kept in the right conditions to prevent spoiling.

Now, there’s this tool called WCS, short for Warehouse Control System. WCS would help you move those ice creams – and other products you keep in your food warehouse – fast without letting them go bad before the expiry date.

WCS Keep Your Inventory Fresh and Crisp

For those who run warehouses, especially those filled with food, drinks and edibles, having a WCS is more than a convenience – it’s a system that prevents you from losing your money. How so?

There are at least four reasons why WCS saves you money:

REASON #1: WCS tells you exactly where every single food item is, so your warehouse staff doesn’t waste time looking for products that your client ordered. As they say: Time saved is money saved.

REASON #2: WCS keeps an eye on the items that need to go out soon – like fruit or veggies that ripen relatively quickly – sending them out first. This way, less of your food inventory goes bad, and you’re not throwing away money.

REASON #3: WCS can control the environment to keep everything at the right temperature and humidity. This means the food and drinks you have in your warehouse stay in perfect selling condition for way longer.

REASON #4: Last but not least, WCS is a clever system that knows how to move your inventory around in your warehouse, promoting efficiency. This means less bumping, less breaking, and less wasting.

WSC Is More Than a Regular Control System

For warehouse owners dealing with perishables, a WCS should never be perceived as just a fancy tool. In fact, WSC is an absolutely essential element of a warehouse without which preventing loss is way more demanding.

By ensuring that food and drinks are stored, handled, and shipped out efficiently and safely, WCS keeps the products in their best condition. Result? You don’t lose money on damaged or expired goods any longer.

[Bonus] How WCS Helped a Regional Supermarket Chain from Iowa

A grocery in Des Moines had a problem with their fresh foods going bad before they could sell them. This obviously led to significant losses. To prevent their business from going bankrupt, the owner decided to use a WCS, a smart system for managing their warehouse better.

This system helped the grocery keep their fruits and veggies in just the right places to stay fresh longer and made sure the food close to going bad was sold first. After they started using WCS, they threw away around 32% less food and the fruits and veggies they sold were fresher.

By investing in a proven WSC, the grocery owner keeps their customers satisfied with the quality of the food available. It also saved them from going bankrupt.

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